Artist Statement


"The creative pathway is a search for meaning and insight into ourselves. The instinctive drive to create is embedded in us from our past and brings joy and beauty into our everyday life."

My textile practice revolves around free flowing design and bright, vibrant colours. This approach is dispersed into different areas including silk painting, dying fabrics, machine embroidery and felting.

I'm very happy when I can combine all these techniques in one piece. My silk paintings are usually abstract designs and I use them in wearable pieces in which I also incorporate machine embroidery and felting. Using these techniques I also make two dimensional textile works and wall hangings.  My award winning 3D felt sculptures,including vessels are shown internationally and throughout Australia.

Once I was introduced to felt I was captivated by its tactile qualities, rich range of colours and the magical meshing of fibres which then can be manipulated into forms and shapes to create exotic wearable art.

I keep journals of my drawings on many different subjects, often these are natural entities such as leaves, feathers or landscapes which I then incorporate into my textiles. The excitement of using these references in my machine embroidery art pieces is quite often expressed in mainly abstract form with some representational imagery.

Textile art seems to resound in me. Being around art, I'm always collecting pieces of textile art, paintings and sculpture. These pieces influence my work. I feel that it's important to be surrounded by art as I respond strongly to my visual environment. Touch and smell are important components to me as well.


Denise does many talks and felting workshops about her art practice.

Denise's next workshop is
3 March Canowindra josephine

 She teaches sculptural felt internationally and throughout Australia in Regional Galleries,
the Art Gallery of New South Wales and Art Schools. 
Explore different 2D and 3D sculptural forms, colour and conceptions of artworks. 
Collage and intuitive drawing as a design tool will be used to create innovative forms and designs in felt
(no drawing skills are required). In this workshop a progressive range of skills will be developed, building
to design your own range of felted vessels inspired by the landscape. Techniques such as resists and
surface design will be explored and emphasis will be on experimentation of moulding and sculpturing felt.
Vessels will range from simple to more complex as progression is made throughout the workshop.
Participants will be challenged to play with their own designs using these sculptural felt techniques.
This workshop is suitable for all levels.


 Denise Lithgow Designs and my studio in Sydney.


Peter and Denise did a combined art work as a fund raiser for the Chris O'Brien Life House called the Nullabour Nymph
(a myth figure thought to inhabit the Nullabour Plain), The model was painted by Peter and the silk work by Denise.

Denise Lithgow ,Wendy Redden, Peter Griffen and Wendy Lithgow's exhibition , “Earth Poetry”
at Red Poles Gallery, SA is coming up in 23 March-20 May. Enjoy the range
from Textiles, Painting to Silver art to wear Jewellery.
2017 My felt sculpture was selected in the 8th International Biennial Exhibition of Contemporary Mini Textile Art, Ukraine.
2016 Denise's solo exhibition at The Design Gallery,Terrigal called "Coast and Beyond"exhibited 
her 3D sculptural vessels and textile paintings and felt scarves.
These works are colourful, vibrant textile abstracts which are inspired by the landscape. She
has visualised where the coastline meets the sea and the hills and valleys.These works are created
using free flowing machine embroidery and are build up with layers of coloured fabrics to create
organic textured works.

The sculptural wool felt vessels are handmade employing very simplistic lines. Vessels, such as bowls
and vases are both ancient and familiar"everyday" forms. She regards her vessels as "art" because
they lack utilitarian function. She creates them because she enjoys them visually and at the same time
knows that they are a part of a long history of development.


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